Čipkasti viseči uhani v obliki štiriperesne detelje na izbiro v dveh odtenkih zelene, ki visijo na kaveljčkih iz nerjavečega jekla.


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You know what they say if you find a four leaf clover in the meadow? That it brings happiness :) Yes, you can gift this happiness in the form of an earrings with a four leaf clover lace to your friend or simply gift yourself. In addition to happiness, this necklace will also bring you feelings of positivity, calmness, health and a new, fresh start.


A symbol of life and harmony...

Green is a beautiful, natural color with an emphasis on balance and harmony. It is a symbol of life, freshness and relaxation. It is also called the color of health. It shows calmness, attitude and freedom. Green promotes qualities such as willingness to help, endurance, tolerance and personal satisfaction. It is a neutral healing color with which we can gain new strength and renew ourselves. Green rests or tired eyes. Everything that calms us and is pleasing to the eyes is usually in shades of green. It has a good effect on the heart and is a real balm for the soul, as it brings physical balance and relaxation.


Unique, charming handmade products made with love...

Your jewelry is a unique work of art, hand-made and woven into lace using a special technique called tatting and hardened into a strong fabric in several stages, which makes each piece of jewelry very special and unique, made with love, just for you ❤.


Instant gift...

Each piece of jewelry will arrive in a beautiful, complimentary gift box, perfect for presenting as a gift.


DIMENSIONS: pendant: 25 x 25 mm



 Your earrings hang from hooks with size 20 x 19.5 mm and end rings, both made of stainless steel.

All earrings are hand-crafted into lace made of 100% natural cotton yarn.



✿ Your jewelry is a unique handmade work of art. No piece is exactly the same as another, and your piece may differ slightly from the picture.

✿ Actual colors may differ slightly from the image due to differences in screen resolutions and lighting.

✿ All products will be shipped no later than 7 to 14 days after your order.

✿ In case you need your product in a shorter time, please contact me at and I will be happy to make an agreement :)

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