Večji okrogel obesek iz epoksidne smole, z zeleno rdečim kačjim pastirjem, ki visi na usnjeni temno rdeči vrvici.


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Freedom, vitality, strength... You will feel all this when you wear this medallion necklace. Its red color will invigorate you and give you strength, while its green color will calm you down in stressful situations. This way you will have just the right yin-yang energy throughout the day.


It gives you courage and the will to live...

Red is the color of passionate and vital life. It is associated with courage and sacrifice. It stimulates all processes in the body, accelerates metabolism and strongly affects the vegetative nervous system, making us stronger and more resistant.


A symbol of life and harmony...

Green is a beautiful, natural color with an emphasis on balance and harmony. It is a symbol of life, freshness and relaxation. It is also called the color of health. It shows calmness, attitude and freedom. It has the opposite effects of red; lowers blood pressure, calms the nervous system and eliminates exhaustion and insomnia. Green promotes qualities such as willingness to help, endurance, tolerance and personal satisfaction. It is a neutral healing color with which we can gain new strength and renew ourselves. Green rests our tired eyes. Everything that calms us and is pleasing to the eyes is usually in shades of green. It has a good effect on the heart and is a real balm for the soul, as it brings physical balance and relaxation.


Unique, charming handmade products made with love...

Your jewelry is a unique handmade work of art, cast in epoxy resin in several stages and sanded and polished by hand. All the elements inside the epoxy resin are made from hand-woven lace, made with a special technique called tatting. No piece is exactly the same as another, which makes each piece very special and unique, made with love, just for you ❤.


Instant gift...

Each piece of jewelry will arrive in a beautiful, complimentary gift box, perfect for presenting as a gift.


DIMENSIONS: pendant diameter: 60 mm; the length of the cord is adjustable




  • Your pendant hangs from a very durable natural cow's leather string in different colors with a diameter of 1.5 mm and can be shortened or lengthened according to one's wish

  • Your jewelry is made of premium, crystal clear epoxy resin which:
    • resembles glass but is unbreakable
    • has the maximum UV protection for epoxy resins on the market
    • includes *HALS and a UV-absorber for a long lifespan

    • is non-toxic, BPA- and **VOC-free, solvent-free and odorless

    • is non-flammable and non-explosive.

*HALS = Hindered amine light stabilizers, chemicals that prevent light-induced degradation of polymers by continuously and cyclically removing free radicals that are produced by photo-oxidation of the polymer.


**VOC = Volatile organic compound, a category of vaporous chemical. They are responsible for the odor of scents and perfumes as well as pollutants and some are dangerous to human health or cause harm to the environment.



✿ Do not expose your jewelry to chemicals or alcohol-based substances such as perfumes, hair sprays, household cleaners or nail polish removers.

✿ Remove jewelry before entering the water or shower.

✿ Clean and polish your jewelry with a soft and, if necessary, damp microfiber or silk cloth, or with a gentle dish detergent and water. You can additionally use a polishing agent designated for plastic or metal.

✿ Do not expose jewelry to prolonged direct sunlight

✿ Keep jewelry in a cool, dry place (preferably in a separate box).



✿ Your jewelry is a unique handmade work of art. No piece is exactly the same as another, and your piece may differ slightly from the picture.

✿ Actual colors may differ slightly from the image due to differences in screen resolutions and lighting.

✿ All products will be shipped no later than 7 to 14 days after your order.

✿ In case you need your product in a shorter time, please contact me at and I will be happy to make an agreement :)



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