About me

Hi, my name is Marija Kanduč and I am the creator behind the brand Mykreativmerrys...

...a brand, which returns to nature!

Because to me, nature means something precious and very important, I am committed to contributing to its improvement. So I pledge to plant one mangrove tree🌳 in Madagascar for every product you buy. Reforestation efforts revive natural habitats, improve coral reef health, support local livelihoods, and help fight climate change by removing CO2 from the air.

If you want to be a part of this story and help preserve beautiful trees, take a look at my products and choose one for yourself or your loved ones. They are a wonderful gift that reminds us how precious nature is, of which we ourselves are a part! 💚

You are probably wondering why such a name Mykreativmerrys? It is a combination of different words in different languages that are part of my life and creative story.



or the love for creation actually starts in my childhood, because ever since I can remember I have loved creating with my hands and adored the small details that came out of my hands. Even as a little girl, I sewed dresses for my doll, so after finishing primary school, I wanted to enroll in the Secondary Textile School. However, since the adults thought that this profession was unpromising, they preferred to enroll me in another professional school. The path then led me to college enrollment. I successfully completed my studies and got a job in my profession. Life then led me to Germany, where my husband and I moved for 8 years shortly after marriage. Even here, after the verification of my education, I was able to work in my profession. However, during the search for the next job, I sometimes had a lot of free time and of course I used it to create :) I tried everything I could get my hands on: from crocheting, sewing, painting on canvas and glass to photography and making jewelry, so my shelves were bursting with craft supplies. I realized that only creating with my hands really makes me happy and that I simply cannot live without it. When my husband and I returned to Slovenia after eight years, I decided to finally muster up the courage and try myself with what really makes me happy and fulfills me.



Many times, when I was working in my regular job, I faced the problem of what to wear that day. Often I ran out of ideas on how to brighten up a bare, single-colored wardrobe. In addition, I always worked indoors and missed greenery and nature very much. Lately I've been doing a lot of hand-crafted and hand-woven ornaments, so a love to small details and the immense attraction of the beauty of nature led to the fact that I thoughtfully combined them into cute jewelry that combines various techniques and materials, from cotton yarn and polymer clay to dried natural flowers and epoxy resin.

Watch the video below to take you through my product creation journey :)

My jewelry is suitable for everyone who wants to feel in touch with nature and find their inner peace again and feel the freedom and relaxation of a long relaxed vacation, away from everyday stress. Because my products are very reach in color, they match perfectly with single-colored clothes and spice up everyday wardrobe, both at work and in leisure time, in all seasons.

By looking at and wearing my jewelry, you won`t be able to feel anything else but joy and happiness :)